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Why choose PVC panel for interior decoration?

    PVC Panel can be called "light material", in Europe  the United States,  Asia Japan  South Korea are very popular.As we all know, PVC panel is the main raw material with polyvinyl chloride  its copolymer resin  add a few auxiliary material agent, in the process of the calendering, extrusion  extrusion production  become.PVC paneling as a new type of paneling, after the continuous development in recent years, has gradually become a new fashion favorite in the paneling industry.Now,let's talking about why we choose "PVC panel".


   1.Easy to clean  antibacterial

Antibacterial principle: PVC panel surface through PUR to prevent pollution treatment, it can close the panel material surface of the pores, thereby reducing the absorption of dust, bacteria, chemicals, in order to achieve the effect of preventing pollution,  make it easy to clean.Seamless welding can effectively prevent water, stains, dust surface penetration  accumulation, daily maintenance only needs simple cleaning.

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2.Non-toxic  environmentally friendly

Why is polyvinyl chloride an environmentally friendly  non-toxic renewable resource? Because the main raw material of PVC panel is polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride has been widely used in people's daily life, such as tableware in restaurants, medical infusion bags  so on, so its environmental protection performance does  need public concern. Among them, stone plastic panel (PVC sheet) is mainly composed of natural stone powder, which does  contain any radioactive elements after testing by the state authority,  is also a new type of green ground decoration material. Any PVC panel must pass IS09000 international quality system certification  ISO14001 international green environmental certification.

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3.Convenient storage decorative

PVC panel contains vinyl resin  has no affinity with water, it is  afraid of water. As long as it is  soaked for a long time, it will  be damaged; at the same time, it will  be mildewed because of high humidity. As for decoration, PVC panel is rich in color, design scheme for customers to choose  provide creative space. PVC paneling is suitable for different kinds of decorative styles, whether it is high-end, atmosphere, upper grade,  warm, elegant  prominent theme style, it will become very simple in PVC panel decoration.

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